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Our Story

Bill & Jade Lesko standing outside Citta Deli

Citta’ Deli was founded in 2014 when Bill and Jade Lesko decided to relocate to McCook, Nebraska and raise their family.  Growing up in McCook and family still living there, Bill and Jade made frequent visits from Denver and quickly fell in love with the variety of activities and the “small-town feel” with a focus on family values and community development. This provided the perfect setting for Bill and Jade to raise their family and open the Italian deli they dreamed of opening.  Relocating to McCook in November of 2014, they immediately began work on Citta’ Deli.

Having worked in a traditional Italian deli while in college at Ohio State University, Bill always wanted to open a place where he could share his passion for food with the family recipes he grew up eating. He envisioned a place where people gathered to visit with friends or to take a break from their busy daily activities. With more than 20 years’ experience in all aspects of the food industry, Bill was prepared to handle the challenges in launching this new business with Jade’s help.

Citta’ Deli opened its doors on March 17th, 2015 (St. Patrick’s Day). Beginning as a lunchtime sandwich shop and traditional deli with imported meats & cheeses, Bill and Jade quickly realized the need to expand their offering to include Italian entrees to satisfy customers' demand. Today, Citta’ Deli has evolved into a true NY Style, an Italian deli with much to offer including restaurant dinner hours.

What is Citta’ Deli?  Citta’ Deli is a very unique Italian style deli and restaurant that offers fresh salads, soups, gourmet sandwiches, a variety of pasta, Italian entrées and a selection of beer & wine(summer 2017). Stepping into Citta’ Deli is like stepping into a New York deli. The finest domestic & imported meats and cheeses, expanded menu, family recipes, selection of wines and friendly staff will make anyone excited about their visit with us.